Timber Happenings

MacKenzie Consulting is approaching it's 2 year anniversary since commencement and recent activi.... Read More

Tree of Knowledge get 5 year check up

Tree of Knowledge gets 5 year check up with MacKenzie Consulting on the 'job'. http://www.ab.... Read More

Wind and flood damage - Cyclone Marcia

With the recent structural wind damage and flooding as a result of cyclone Marcia many home and .... Read More

Flood Damaged Timber Floors - Need Help?

The recent flash flooding that occurred on the northern end of the Gold Coast will result in some bu.... Read More

4 Easy Tips to Minimise Cupping in Decking

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Decking, Landscaping or Outdoor Timber Project coming up?

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Check Your Deck - it's 'Decktober'

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Timber and Moisture - the # one enemy

A recent inspection and assessment revealed just how damaging the effects of moisture on timber .... Read More

Want to get the right timber for your next project?

MacKenzie Consulting recently supported Timber Queensland to deliver product knowledge update tr.... Read More

AS 1684 & AS1720 Standards

The re-structured Australian Standards Committee, TM - 010, that looks after revisions and editorial.... Read More

Deck Inspection Check List

Really useful guide for homeowners and builders on what to look for. Read More

Durability Strength Specification

Timber used in exposed to weather conditions needs to have two main attributes. Required strength an.... Read More

Condensation in Buildings

The second edition of the Australian Building Codes Board 'Condensation in Buildings' Handbook h.... Read More

QBCC Standards and Tolerances Guide released.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) have published their Standards and To.... Read More

Latest Timber News

MacKenzie Consulting have launched their new website. Make sure you check it out - www.timberex.... Read More

New Timber Standard

AS/NZS 8008 - Structural Finger Jointed Timber will be published by Standards Australia on the 30th .... Read More